Monday, June 3, 2013

Chanel Shanghai Red: The unfulfillable lemming fulfilled!

I started wanting Shanghai Red right as it was discontinued in summer of 2009 (I believe), but didn't know at the time how costly DC'd Chanels tend to get. I went through a lot of expense, trouble, and foot-tapping to acquire as this year's (30th) birthday present to myself. Worth it!

The good news is that I'll probably never actually use this, or any other bottle of polish, up, so I shouldn't have to go through this particular polish acquisition dance again. I'm not a big fan of red (or most other "normal" polish colors) - I only own one other, the very glittery and classic China Glaze Ruby Pumps. As much as I love glitter, Shanghai Red will likely become my go-to classic red polish - every girl needs one, even the world's biggest blue polish nut.

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