Monday, June 10, 2013

My take on the current white nail trend

I've seen a lot of plain white crème manis and pedis lately. While some can certainly pull it off, I'm guessing it would look strikingly like Wite-Out on me. I also have to be careful with pale shades against my skintone - they frequently make me look dirty and/or jaundiced, especially cool-toned ones. Glitter Gal Light As a Feather has been called a pure white linear holo, but it's actually subtly gray in the bottle. I found that layering it over Orly Au Champagne (a slightly warm-toned white shimmer) canceled out the gray tone and gave me a nice, non-chalky white. Most importantly, it's holo - more holo in person than it looks in the pic.

I had application troubles with Au Champagne - it was a bit runny. For the record, my hand isn't that gigantic - the GG bottle is tiny (10 mL/0.3 oz).


  1. What's your take on Black polish?

    1. I wore it a lot as a teenager, so I tend to go for dark grays now. Love love love it on guys, though.


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