Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Need an Emily de Molly polish?

(Note: This is not an endorsement. I'm not receiving anything in return for this post, unless you count being permitted to fork over my ~$30.00 for one polish that may never actually arrive. I am glad to have the chance, though!)

If you're a U.S.-ian polish lover like myself, you've probably despaired at ever getting your hands on the Emily de Molly polish(es) of your choice. The only current U.S. stockist is, and EdM restocks there sell out so quickly that actually getting the polish you want isn't too far removed from winning the lottery. I've really been lemming Black Forest (check out Nails and Nom's post on it if you don't mind risking the same fate), and so I've been searching for international stockists willing to ship to the U.S. One, based in Singapore, ran out of Black Forest before I had the chance to nab it. Finally, I took the plunge and e-mailed Sally of Sally Magpies to see if she'd be willing to ship to the U.S.

The answer is yes. However, there's a slight fly in the ointment. Their shipping to the U.S. is a flat £11 - about US$15 as of this morning. That's without tracking. The polish itself is £11.50. In short, you have to really want it. I do, so I bit the bullet. Will you?

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