Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Color Club Over the Moon

Color Club Over the Moon is a beautiful sky/ocean blue linear holo, with a strong rainbow effect even in dim lighting. It goes on much more saturated/warmer-toned than it looks in the bottle, happily. I ordinarily wouldn't put anything over a holo, but I was in a Hawai'i state of mind at the time; the blue linear holo base reminds me of the Pacific ocean, while the glitter accent (Glimmer by Erica Rainbow Star Sprinkles) reminds me of the near-permanent rainbow in the sky above. 

While I'm thrilled with the color and holo effect on Over the Moon, the formula is a bit of a disappointment after Harp On It, which applied nicely and didn't chip for over a week. Over the Moon needed to be thinned, yet was pretty sheer - I needed one normal coat, plus one thick coat. It started chipping the next morning in the shower, which I'd expect from most linear holos, but not from a CC Halo Hue. Happily, though, it shares Harp On Its topcoat tolerance, in that the rainbow flare isn't dulled by my current choice, Hong Kong Girl. I bought all my Halo Hues from enospring.com - US$7 for a standard 0.5-oz bottle, a bargain compared to most linear holos (usually around US$11 for 0.3 oz).

Usually I'd use the bottle as a prop, but I thought you might enjoy looking at one of my new necklaces as well. I won't link to the shop, as I'm now concerned that the art used was stolen, but I bought all four turtles: Michelangelo just happens to be the cutest/most neon. All this TMNT stuff makes me feel like a seven-year-old again, but without the bedtime and restrictions on candy!

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