Saturday, September 21, 2013

Angel of Mine Creamy Baby Oil

I haven't posted in quite some time! I was standing on my bed to hang this poster, and foolishly decided to jump down instead of stepping off carefully...needless to say, I've been nursing an injured ankle for a few weeks, which hasn't left much energy for even manis!

I've said in the past that dollar stores can be a beauty treasure trove, and Angel of Mine Creamy Baby Oil proves it again! It comes from Dollar Tree, one of the few remaining dollar stores where everything is actually a dollar. It's a light-to-medium moisturizer; it's rich enough to take care of flaky skin on my hands, but not rich enough for cuticles. It absorbs really quickly, which is hard to find in something so moisturizing. The scent is a little more grown-up than traditional baby oil, with a definite note of sandalwood, but not overpowering; I like to use this to seal my AmLactin/cover up the urea smell on days when my perfume is floriental instead of fruity.

The only thing I don't like about it is the very liquid texture---sort of a thin gel/crème---however, it's called "creamy baby oil," not "baby oil crème," so I can't seriously complain. I've learned not to get distracted after dispensing into my hand, though, as it tends to end up on the floor...but even if I do, it's only US$1 for that awfully cute 10-oz. bottle!

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